The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is a professional association of personal and business coaches whose goal is to maintain the reliability and quality of coaching in the global community. The ICF is the world's largest resource for coaches and those seeking a coach.

The European Coaching Association (ECA) was founded in Germany in 1994. It was the first professional association of coaches in the world. Since that time, he has represented the interests of professional coaches and training organizations that train coaches, as well as qualified supervisors, mediators, trainers, consultants and professional associations (group practices) throughout Europe. Since its founding, ECA has set the standard for professional coaching as goal, resource and solution oriented client work.
Professional coaching began its history as an exclusive service for top managers only. Now it has become a recognized form of consulting for entrepreneurs, managers, teams, employees...
A license for professional activities confirming the appropriate level of qualification of a specialist of the ECA expert level "Educational Coach and Trainer" ECA

The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) provides professional accreditation for coaching and mentoring, as well as support and guidance for the coaching and mentoring profession and its members. It is one of the few such global coaching industry organizations to have represented the profession both globally and within the European Union. It is a body that a large number of European organizations (private and public sector) work with and/or recognize in regard to qualifications, accreditation, code of ethics and coaching and mentoring frameworks.
Certificate confirming membership in EMCC Global

The International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI) is a global network of professional coaching institutions (training organizations) and coaches, united by common ethical standards. The ICI has over 7659 members from 89 countries.
"Master Coach, ICI"
The "Master Coach, ICI" qualification includes at least 395 hours / 54 days of coaching training (including 10 hours of supervision) + coaching case documentation and coaching reflection of 20 hours + Master Coach concept as written test + practice test.
"Coach, ICI" + "NLP Master, IN" or comparable methodological training can be credited with 350 hours / 48 days as part of 395 hours / 54 days.
In this case, the "Master Coach, ICI" module training has at least 45 hours over 6 days plus 10 hours of supervision.

The National Federation of Professional Mentors and Coaches is a non-profit organization that brings together professionals in mentoring and coaching.
The mission of the NFPMC is to develop a culture of business and executive coaching and mentoring (developmental mentoring) in Russia for the development of modern leaders and organizations.
Individual members of the National Federation are coaches, mentors, HR professionals, T&D professionals, coach competent managers, supervisors, business coaches, business consultants, and other persons practicing coaching, mentoring, supervision for whom it is important to develop coaching and mentoring in Russia, who share the mission and goals of the Federation.

Coach Master
Demonstrates fluency in coaching skills to establish fruitful partnerships with the client, to help him see all his opportunities and take advantage of them. The master coach also shows a strong understanding of the specifics of coaching and how it differs from other professions.
Federation of Professional Coaches.

Community mission: "Create a community of professionals and support the development of Russian-speaking coaching"
Values: Professionalism and ethics, Partnership and joint efforts, Humanism and mutual respect, Volunteering

The All-Russian Public Organization "All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League" is an association of a new type of professionals in psychotherapy, practical and counseling psychology.
Awarded the status of the Official Teacher of the International Level of the All-Russian Psychotherapeutic League of the Russian Federation

Certificate of Current Member of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League

Russian Psychological Society
Professional Corporation of Psychologists of Russia
Member of IUPsyS - International Union for Psychological Science affiliated with UNESCO and the European Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA)
For the first time in Russia, in 1885, the Psychological Society was formed at the Moscow Imperial University.
I am an active member of the Russian Psychological Society
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