Neuro Linguistic Programming
Sleight of Mouth. Coach: Robert Dilts

Susses Factor Modelling For Challenging Times. Coach Robert Dilts

Hero's Journey. Author's transformational training by Stephen Gilligan

The New NLP Code: Prerequisites for Personal Genius. Coach: Judith DeLozier

Bloom of Life. Coach: Judith DeLozier

Modelling Mastery. Coach: Judith DeLozier

Hero's Journey. Coach: Judith DeLozier

Energetic NLP Mastery. Coach: Art Giser

Resilience: Being the Phoenix. Coach: Michael Hall
Stanford / Center for Professional Development
Psychology / psychotherapy
Prototyping: Fast and Frequent Testing of New Ideas

Ideation: How to Generate New Ideas

Association of Professional Psychosomatologists. Dialogue with Bessel Van Der Kolk

Relationships of love. Norm and pathology. Seminar by Otto Kernberg

Clinical Emotion-Oriented Therapy

Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis psychoanalytic marathon "A day with Fred Bush"

Introduction to neuropsychoanalysis. Mark Solms Program

University of Practical Psychology certificate of completion of the preparatory online course on the basics of the Author's position, effective goal setting and building good habits
All-Russian public-state organization Russian Movement of Schoolchildren
Corporate University of the Russian Movement of Schoolchildren
Pedagogical activity for the implementation of the educational process
Legal support of the modern educational process

Designing the educational process

The development of the personality of the student in the educational process

Learning in the educational process

Education in the educational process
Psychology philosophy
South Federal University
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
South Federal University
Don State Technical University
Moscow City University MGPU
Siberian Institute of Practical Psychology, Pedagogy and Social Work
Info lesson
Social philosophy
Profession: Philosophy teacher
Systemic psychological business consulting and professional coaching
Health psychology

Profession: Psychologist

Perinatal psychology. Psychology of motherhood and parenthood
Modern psychotherapeutic practices
Profession: Psychologist-psychotherapist

Specialization: Psychological counseling and psychocorrection
Profession: psychologist

Sexology, sexopathology, pathosexology
Profession: psychologist
Methodology and technology for training management teams of educational organizations to create a personality-developing educational environment

Coaching in individual psychological counseling

Body Oriented Therapy in Psychological Counseling
Perinatal psychology

Psychological pre-abortion counseling

Clinical hypnosis. Hypnotherapy, addictive behavior counseling

Theory and practice of psychological counseling in sexology

Extreme psychology

Neuropsychology of childhood

Effective Coaching Program Design System
David Clutterbuck
Leadership and Coaching Across Cultures – Cultural Orientations Framework Certification Seminar. COF Certified

Leadership & Coaching Across Cultures Program. COF Master Certified

Executive coaching 4-D

Certified 4-D Training for Coaches

Coaching of the first persons of the companies. Anne Choquette's author's course
Erickson Coaching International / Marilyn W. Atkinson

A Trainers Training

National Academy of Additional Professional Education

"Practical psychology with additional specialization in group "training" work

Practical psychologist. Psychologist-trainer
The Art & Science of Coaching Modules 1 - 4

The Art & Science of Coaching Modules 1 - 5

Advance of the Spirit

Expanding of Emotional Intelligence

The Art & Science of Mindfulness

The Light of the Enneagram

Manager as Coach

Higt Performance Team Coaching

Four Quadrant Quantum Thinking

Cosmology of the mind – Coaching wich System Metaphors

Coaching Powerful Negotiations

Parent as coach

Family & Couples Coaching 1

Family & Couples Coaching 2

Workplace coaching
Guidance toward a Credential

Professional mentor – coach Program
For successful completion of Stance Matters, a three-day foundational workshop, compliant wich the lineage of Spiral Dynamics

For the successful completion of Application and Change that is compliant the lineage of Spiral Dynamics – Delivered virtually in Russian.
High-performance coaching in business and personal development
International University of Business Coaching New York
Filippe Rosinski
Erickson Coaching International / Marilyn W. Atkinson
5 Prism Coaching Academy
Christopher Cooke
Effective Business Mentor

Effective Business Mentor Practitioner Course

Effective Exusiness mentor Senior Practitioner Course

Team Coaching Practitioner Course

Team Coach Certification Course, Module 2: Tools and techniques in greater depth

Team Coach Certification Course, Module 3: Consolidating knowledge and skills

Professional team coach
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